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Birds (104)
Associations and Clubs, Canary, Informational, Macaw, Parrots, Publications...

Cats (636)
Accessories and Supplies, Catteries, Clubs and Associations, Entertainment...

Dogs (1773)
Accessories and Supplies, Associations and Clubs, Breeders, Entertainment...

Exotic Pets (110)
Arachnids, Chinchilla, Degu, General Invertebrates, Hedgehog, Insect, Llama...

Fish (182)
Aquariums, Breeders, Informational, Personal Pages, Products and Accessories

Mammals (332)
Ferret, Gerbil, Goat, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Horse, Mice and Rats, Pig, Rabbit

Pet Potpourri (227)
Animal News, Classifieds, Computer Stuff, General Pet Care, Newsgroups and Forums...

Reptiles and Amphibians (259)
Frogs and Toads, Lizards, Products and Accessories, Salamanders and Newts, Snakes...

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